Taylor Dayne唱的「I’ll Always Love You」

by Vince

覺得今天標題下的怪怪嗎❓ 因為我要強調,這首「I’ll Always Love You」不是Whitney Houston翻唱(或是原唱Dolly Parton)的那首同名曲,但是我覺得它更得我心,想介紹給還沒聽過它的朋友們。

其實,Taylor Dayne的好歌很多,例如「Tell It To My Heart」、「Don’t Rush Me」、「Love Will Lead You Back」、「Prove your Love」、「I ‘ll Be Your Shelter」…都是,她唱動感歌和抒情歌都很棒,但就是不知怎麼的,好像無法讓人留下深刻的印象,至少我是這樣子的感覺。


I’ll always love you

For the rest of my days

You have won my heart and my soul

With your sweet, Sexy ways

You gave me hope

When I needed someone near

You bring me happiness

Everyday of every year

And I’ll always love you

For all that you are

You have made my life complete

You’re my lucky star

Your are the one

That I’d been searching for

You are my everything

Tell me who could ask for more

And I’ll always love you

Honey, this will never end

I need you by my side, baby

You’re my lover my friend

Oh, my friend

You gave my world

A thrill I’ve never known

And filled my eager heart

With a love to call my own

And I’ll always love you

You must know how much I do

You can count on me forever

And I will take good care of you

I’ll always love you

I’m so happy that your mine

I always love you

Till the end of time

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